Athens, GA Weather for Monday, June 19, 2017

Chance of Afternoon Shower/Thunderstorm

High: 90°F

Low: 68°F

North Georgia has a limited chance to see afternoon thunderstorms ahead of the cold front tomorrow. Image Credit: WPC NOAA

Isolated showers and thunderstorms started up early this afternoon, bringing a good dose of afternoon rain, cloudy skies, and ample rainfall to some to start the week off. Because of the storms in the region, some temperatures halted their steady climb and had trouble rebounding to get their forecast high of upper 80s/low 90s. Like yesterday, showers and thunderstorms will decrease with the sun’s set. For tomorrow, we could see a few isolated showers or thunderstorms, but a drier slot of air across the Peach State could halt an otherwise active day of storms ahead of a cold front. Plus, some tropical activity is in the Gulf of Mexico. What are the current thoughts on the track, and what does that mean for your week ahead? There’s a jam packed post below answering all of your questions.

Quick Forecast

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies with a chance of showers before 10PM. Calm south wind. Low near 68°F.

Monday: Slight chance of afternoon showers/thunderstorms. Southwest winds 5-15 mph. High near 90°F.

Tonight’s Forecast:

Overnight low temperatures will dip down to the upper 60s. Image Credit: WxBell

The rest of the storms in the region will die off in their diurnally driven fashion, bringing partly cloudy skies for the rest of the evening after 9PM. Afterwards, expect much more quiet conditions and overnight lows in the upper 60s.

Monday’s Forecast:

The cold front’s stalling will keep most storms to the north, but a few isolated events can’t be ruled out for Athens. Image Credit: WxBell

A cold front will enter to Peach State from the north–north of our forecast area, that is. Storms are expected to fire up along the front, but models keep the major chance of rain well to our north. However, we could see some isolated occurrences near Athens and the rest of our forecast area. These storms won’t be severe, but could bring a heavy dose of rain and lightning to the area. Not everyone will see rain, though. If you don’t see rain, you should expect partly cloudy skies and afternoon highs nearing 90°F.

Sneak Peek of the Week:

There’s potential for a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico. Image Credit: National Hurricane Center

A tropical system is continuing to raise some eyebrows as we enter the start of the work week. The storm currently resides off the coasts of Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula and has a 90% chance of becoming a tropical depression over the next five days. As of the moment, we are still a little ways out of being able to predict the path of this system of ample moisture–some models swing it one way along the U.S. Coast, others swing it the opposite way. But it is looking as if the Southeast will receive plenty of moisture from the system.

Precipitable water values (PWAT) increase with the approach of the potential tropical system Tuesday afternoon. Image Credit: College of DuPage

With an increase of moisture, we’ll likely see plenty of afternoon thunderstorms following Tuesday via the intense daytime heat as we near the official start of summer later this week. For those looking to get a head start on what to expect for the AthFest music and arts festival starting Friday, just know for now, things could be wet during the afternoon/early evening hours. Continue to check back throughout the week for more updates regarding AthFest. As for temperatures this week, we’ll stay close to normal in terms of highs–around the upper 80s/low 90s. Low temperatures towards the end of this week will a few degrees above normal.

Tuesday: Wakeup temperatures in the low 70s. Afternoon thunderstorms likely. Highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Wednesday: Wakeup temperatures in the upper 60s. Chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s.

Thursday: Wakeup temperatures in the upper 60s/low 70s. Chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 80s.

Friday (AthFest): Wakeup temperatures in the low 70s. Chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Highs near 90°F.

Saturday (AthFest): Wakeup temperatures in the low 70s. Chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Highs near 90°F.

Weather Video of the Day:

There were a lot of interesting clouds about on Friday aside from our usual, late spring/summertime cumulus clouds. Did you know that by taking note of the cloud type, you can generally find a trend of what to expect for the short term? Check out this neat video below.

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