Athens, GA Weather for Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Partly Cloudy

Slight Chance of PM Showers/Storms

High: 91°F

Low: 70°F

Latest water vapor satellite loop shows a mid-to-upper trough digging into the Southeast. Image Credit: NOAA/NASA via COD NEXLAB

A few storms have popped up in northern and western Georgia throughout the afternoon. However, most of the action occurred in coastal Georgia and South Carolina low country. This activity is due to a stalled out frontal boundary that’s hanging out on the Georgia-Tennessee border. It is associated with a mid-to-upper level trough that is digging into the Southeast, which you can clearly see in the water vapor satellite loop above. The bright white colors represent high amounts of moisture, and the spin of the trough has allowed the atmosphere to produce embedded showers and storms. Since this is a slow moving system, the storms in north Georgia don’t really have much upper-level support to move that much. Could this stalled out frontal boundary affect us on Tuesday? Find out below!

Quick Forecast:

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a 40% chance of showers and storms before 10 p.m. EDT. Southeasterly wind around 5 mph becoming calm. Low near 70°F.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, with a 20% chance of showers and storms in the afternoon and evening hours. Calm wind. High near 91°F.

Tonight’s Forecast

Here’s what the radar could look like tonight. Image Credit: HRRR model via Weatherbell

Tonight should be pretty tame overall. A few showers and storms may linger into this evening, but will soon lose out on daytime heating, which provides the instability (fuel) for thunderstorms. The Classic City could see a brief shower or storm, but I think most of us will stay dry tonight. If we do see anything, brief periods of heavy rainfall and a little lightning would be our biggest concerns. After 10 p.m. EDT tonight, our rain chances should subside, and we will be left with partly cloudy skies and low temperatures in the lower 70s.

Tuesday’s Forecast

Potential high temperatures for Tuesday. Image Credit: Weatherbell

Due to the plentiful amounts of water vapor in the air, some patchy fog may develop during the overnight hours. This may cause some visibility issues in a couple of places, so watch out if you’re going to be driving in the early morning. Any fog that forms should erode away by around 9 a.m. EDT. Expect another hot and humid day in northeast Georgia. If you don’t like rain, then I do have some good news for you. The upper-level trough that has been affecting our weather should start to move eastward towards the Atlantic. Behind it, a ridge will start to move in, which is associated with high pressure and nicer weather conditions. Though we do have a slight rain chance in the afternoon on Tuesday, look for sunshine most of the time. You can still expect your typical picnic cumulus clouds in the afternoon. Though rain isn’t likely, our best chances would be after 3 p.m. EDT. Keep in mind that the heat and humidity will combine to give you heat index (“feels like”) values in the mid-90s. Limit outdoor activity, and drink plenty of water!

Athens may see a stray shower or storm in the afternoon or evening hours. Image Credit: NAM-WRF 3km model via Weatherbell

Weather Video of the Day

Check this out! This is an approaching shelf cloud lit up by lightning in Colorado. A shelf cloud is a wedge-shaped cloud that is associated with strong to severe storms. Weather is awesome!

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