Athens, GA Weather for Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Partly Sunny

A few morning flurries possible

High: 34°F  Low: 21°F

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Good evening! I hope everyone had a wonderful snow day and didn’t get stuck in traffic. The metro Atlanta area is still having major issues this evening as thousands of people remain stuck in traffic on icy roads. Some children in the Atlanta area were stranded when schools closed early and parents were unable to make it through traffic. Governor Deal has declared a state of emergency for Georgia thanks to poor and deteriorating travel conditions tonight.


The current radar image at 7:15 across Georgia. Blue, purples, and pinks indicate snowfall (pink is heavier snowfall), while orange indicates sleet, red freezing rain, and green rain. Parts of central Georgia are currently getting the heaviest snows.

Here in Athens, flurries started flying around noon and we started to see some light snow push in around 1 PM. Since then, we’ve seen light snow, a little lighter or heavier at times, but fairly consistent throughout the afternoon. We will continue to see light snow in the Athens area until around 11 PM tonight with some lingering flurries until midnight or so. Overall, Athens has received about 1/2 and inch of snow, with some areas to around 3/4 inches and we could see another 1/4 to 1/2 inch of snowfall overnight. Locations in the metro Atlanta area saw as much as 3.5 inches this afternoon and parts of central Georgia are getting quite a bit of heavy snow right now.


Just under 0.5 inches of snow measured this evening in East Athens. Photo: Jared Rackley

Our accumulation forecast map posted Tuesday morning.

Our accumulation forecast map posted Tuesday morning.

Icy Roads Tonight into the morning:

I’ve already seen icicles hanging off buildings this afternoon. After the sun set this evening with temperatures already in the upper 20’s, bridges began to ice and many other roads have followed suit. ACCPD have reported multiple accidents this evening as people hit slick spots on the road. In particular, ACCPD reported that much of Lexington Road is covered in ice. As the temperatures continue to drop and we see light snow for a few more hours roads and surfaces that had been melting are being covered with icy slush. This will quickly freeze overnight and cause travel conditions to continue to deteriorate. You should NOT be out driving tonight unless it is absolutely necessary. 


UGA students playing in the light snow at Myer’s Quad this afternoon. Image: Jared Rackley

Temperatures will dip into the lower 20s tonight. By noon Wednesday, temperatures will still be in the upper 20s / lower 30s and we won’t break the freezing point until sometime mid afternoon. That means ice on the roads tonight will stick around at least through the morning hours. Driving before mid-morning is a bad idea. Conditions may improve a little after mid-morning as the sun warms the black surfaces and melts some of the ice, but travel around Athens still looks messy until at least mid afternoon. At this point, I would expect UGA classes to be cancelled at least through mid-morning.

Tonight: Icy Conditions! Light snow until 11 PM, then lingering flurries until around midnight. Additional accumulations up to 0.5 inches could occur. Low near 21°F. 

Wednesday: Icy Morning Road Conditions! A few morning flurries possible, then partly sunny with a high near 34°F.

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