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Meteorology 101: What’s The Wedge?

Welcome to the second edition of Meteorology 101! In this edition, we'll be talking about a phenomenon known as Cold Air Damming. We'll examine...

Meteorology 101: Weather Fronts

Hello, everyone! Welcome to our first edition of Meteorology 101 on This is the section of the site where we'll go more in...

Meteorology 101: Precipitation Types

It's getting to be that time of year again where more than just rain can fall from the sky in Georgia. This edition of...

Snow Scenarios for the Classic City

Snow in the South, especially Athens, Georgia, is a fairly rare phenomenon. Cold air and moisture have to meet up at just the right...

Reviewing the January 6-7, 2017 Winter Storm

Winter storms are probably one of the most difficult things to forecast and predict in the field of meteorology. It takes just the right...

Athens, GA Weather for Thursday, January 26, 2017

It was another warm one today. #GAwx But fret not...winter returns! But not before the cold front responsible brings showers to North Georgia after midnight tonight. Don't worry, the rain leaves the area and even opens up partly cloudy skies, but expect breezy conditions tomorrow afternoon, too!

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